Monday, 23 December 2013

The Best Christmas Man

It was the last Saturday before Christmas, and the mall was mobbed with last minute shoppers. Amidst the crowd, a boy was looking for someone.

“Where’s the line to see Jesus?”  The lady gave him a startled look, but kept on walking.

Maybe she’s just too busy, thought the boy. Maybe. Or maybe she just didn’t know.

The boy looked up as the PA crackled into life.  A man’s voice started speaking, clear and strong, but no-one else seemed to hear it. He was speaking just to the boy!

Hello! I hear you’re looking for me:

You asked, you found; you looked now you see.

Like shepherds and kings travelling far,

They searched and found me under the star.

Come visit me, don’t wait in line,

I’m here for you, any place, any time.

Be still, imagine, if you can,

That Christmas baby is now the kindest man.

I don’t wear boots or dress in red,

I’m wrapped in light, a crown upon my head.

I have no sleigh or reindeers that prance,

I sit in heaven, when I laugh angels dance.

Dear one, you’re loved, whatever you do,

Your sins forgiven, I paid the price for you.

I made and held you from the start,

Your name’s inscribed upon my heart.

Ask me, I give good gifts all year,

I give life and joy, and take your fear.

Be still, imagine me, if you can.

Your friend, your Saviour: I’m the best Christmas man.

This poem was written in response to the music video “Where’s the line to see Jesus?” by Becky Kelly:

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