Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Downloadable Books for Dinosaurs

“Mom, can I buy a book for Callum’s birthday? One about Jesus, or dinosaurs?” said my son, Justin.

“Sure honey, we’ll look for one about Jesus first,” I say. We jump into the car and I drive to where our local Christian bookstore is. Or was. There’s a huge red sign in the whitewashed window saying “Closing Down Sale: Over.”

Justin starts to laugh: “have you heard of the internet? You can buy ANYTHING on it. (Whispers) Dinosaur!”

Only 6 years old, and he already thinks he’s smarter than Mom. I hide my smile as we turn around and head home.

An hour later, thanks to Justin, the laptop and Google, we have discovered ebooks. faithwriters.com, a website that sells Christian books.

Christian ebooks?” I read from the screen. “Umm…”

“Cool! We can download it onto his iPad.”

“IPad? OK. Buying from here supports the development of Christian writers around the world AND we can buy from Amazon at best value prices… Justin?... Justin?”

Justin has disappeared but I read on, relentless.

“I can also sell myChristian ebook through the faithwriters  ebook store… over 600,000 page reads a month, WOW…great value with a platinum membership… I must tell Susan…and…freeebooks!”

I click on Free Reads for Reviews, and I’m downloading the latest Christian Fiction to review when Justin returns.

“Hey, this is Callum’s iPad,” he says. “It’s like a laptop without keys.” He opens the case but struggles to unlock it.

After a few minutes, I take it and unlock it in a second. I smirk. “Guess I’m not the dinosaur anymore!”

He laughs. We find Callum a book about Jesus, and within a minute it’s paid for and downloaded onto his iPad.

“Can’t wait to show Callum the website!” says Justin, running off with the iPad.

“Hey, tell him it’s changing its name to RevelationBooks” I shout after him. But Justin is gone, and I’m on my own. Perfect.

I re-fill my coffee, relax into my armchair and flick to page one. If only everything in life was this easy!

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